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A Humanistic Portrait

 Curbside Chronicle 04 November 2019

Photographer Al Griffin first became interested in the day-to-day lives of homeless people in 1975. Eventually he began asking their permission, and paying them small fees, to model for him. Since then he has taken photographs of homeless people all over the US. Now, at a time when most people are only one or two paychecks away from being out on the streets themselves, Griffin says it is more important than ever to meet these people, talk to them and understand them, and pave the way for equality. (706 Words) - By Al Griffin


Curbside_A Humanistic Portrait 1

Alfonso.Photo: Al Griffin

Curbside_A Humanistic Portrait 2

Art.Photo: Al Griffin

Curbside_A Humanistic Portrait 3

Jim.Photo: Al Griffin

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