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South African police under pressure

 The Big Issue South Africa 04 November 2019

South Africa’s police have an image problem. Crime statistics are the worst they’ve been in years. The gunfire of Marikana is still echoing in our heads and reports show that cases of both police brutality and criminality have shot up. Add to this the controversial ‘shoot to kill’ mentality we’ve witnessed under President Jacob Zuma, and it is no wonder civilians fear an institution gone bad. However, as Warren Glam of the Big Issue South Africa discovers, cops may be victims of the force too with poor mental health a wide-reaching problem. (1389 Words) - By Warren Glam


BI SA_South African police under pressure

Collage includes an image of taxi driver Mido Macia originally reproduced in the Daily Sun. Credit: Dirk Meerkotter/The Big Issue South Africa

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