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The Lampedusa tragedy: why sons could not mourn their mothers

 InDepth News 04 November 2019

In the early morning of October 3rd 2013, a tourist was enjoying the beautiful beach of an Italian Mediterranean Island when three swimmers appeared. The three African men frantically asked for help and said they had left their mothers behind in a ship at sea that was on fire. The ship had tried to land at the island of Lampedusa with over 500 passengers on board. Tragically, there were only 155 survivors when the vessel sank. The Italian coast guard states that the death toll could reach 400. Most of the passengers were refugees from Eritrea, among thousands of other desperate people – many of whom were refugees of war - who have died attempting a perilous sea journey from Africa to Europe. The series of tragedies has promoted the European Union to seek urgent answers. (797 Words) - By Mirjam van Reisen


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