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The strongest female septuagenarian in the world

 Real Change - USA 16 September 2019

Winifred Pristell is the strongest 74-year-old women in the world. She holds state, national and world records for deadlifting and has won so many medals that she’s lost count of her haul. The powerlifter from Washington, USA, began winning competitions aged 67. The septuagenarian spoke to Rosette Royale of Real Change about her extraordinary achievements and her family, who lovingly call her ‘Heavy Metal’. (2387 Words) - By Rosette Royale


Real Change_The strongest female septuagenarian in the world

Winifred Pristell, 74, takes some time out at Columbia City Fitness Center in Seattle, where she trains as a powerlifter; at her most recent competition, the Alki Beach Classic, she deadlifted 245 pounds, even though she has arthritis. Photo: Lucien Knuteson

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