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The Slaughter

 INSP 17 March 2019

Mass murder is alive and well in China. That’s the stark conclusion US author Ethan Gutmann came to after an investigation into the Chinese Communist Party’s alleged secret program to exterminate political dissidents while profiting from the sale of their organs – in many cases to Western recipients. Based on interviews with top-ranking police officials and Chinese doctors who claim to have killed Falun Gong prisoners on operating tables, veteran China analyst Gutmann has written an important book due to be released shortly. INSP interviewed Gutmann during his recent visit to Scotland. (1920 Words) - By Billy Briggs


INSP_The Slaughter

The Slaughter: Mass Killings, Organ Harvesting, and China's Secret Solution to Its Dissident Problem by Ethan Gutmann. Photo: Courtesy of Ethan Gutmann

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