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Vendor Spotlight: Bertl Weißengruber (Kupfermuckn)

 Kupfermuckn - Austria 17 March 2019

Bertl is one of the original vendors of Austrian street paper, Kupfermuckn. One of the ‘usual suspects’ who regularly takes part in events organised by the paper, he has been selling Kupfermuckn for 16 years now. This true Linz character celebrated his 62nd Birthday last October. Born in Vienna, his life has led him around the whole world to Linz, Austria. He still enjoys talking about his time as a sailor on board the cruise ship ‘Europe’, well known from the TV series ‘Traumschiff’. (444 Words) - By Heinz Zauner


Vendor Spotlight: Bertl Weißengruber (Kupfermuckn)

Bertl sells Kupfermuckn in Linz, Austria. Foto: Heinz Zauner

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