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Women turn potatoes into gold in Zimbabwe’s cities

 IPS 17 March 2019

Shyline Chipfika is one of thousands of Zimbabwean women in urban centres who have struck gold by growing potatoes. An import ban on the staple vegetable has meant a boom in sales for people who are growing potatoes in their back gardens. In cities, potatoes are grown in sacks of fertile soil, thereby requiring only a small amount of land. Urban potato farming has not only given a boost to poor families but is also providing employment for Zimbabwe’s women, a country where 66% of females are unemployed. (968 Words) - By Jeffrey Moyo


IPS_Women turn potatoes into gold in Zimbabwe’s cities

Potato plants in the backyard of Lina Chingama, 44, from Zimbabwe's Norton town, 40 kilometres west of the capital Harare.  Photo:Jeffrey Moyo/IPS

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