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Bill Nighy: “I need publicity like I need a gun in my mouth”

 The Big Issue UK 24 March 2019

Bill Nighy is a BAFTA and Golden Globe winning English actor who became famous internationally after starring in the 2003 film, Love Actually. Nighy has since appeared in – among others – Notes On a Scandal, Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Sylvia Patterson of The Big Issue UK meets the elusive actor who refuses to confront his past and is happier discussing football than stardom. Nighy is also a staunch advocate of the Robin Hood Tax, a proposed tax on transactions carried out by banks and hedge funds. (1791 Words) - By Sylvia Patterson


BI UK_Bill Nighy: “I need publicity like I need a gun in my mouth”

British actor Bill Nighy poses during the red carpet for his movie "Page Eight" at Rome Film Festival November 1, 2019.  Photo: REUTERS/Max Rossi

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