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Homeless Bill of Rights campaign

 Homeward Street Journal - USA 24 March 2019

Recently, 11 cities in America took part in a day of action to campaign for a Homeless Bill of Rights. Paula Lomazzi of the Homeward Street Journal explains the desperate need for laws in the US to protect homeless people rather than criminalizing them. Currently, many cities have laws that prohibit homeless people from sleeping, sitting or lying down outside, and/or living in their own vehicles. Many people have been hit with petty fines, making it much harder to lift themselves out of poverty. (658 Words) - By Paula Lomazzi


HSJ_Homeless Bill of Rights campaign1

Photo Collage of West Coast Rallies.Photo: Western Regional Advocacy Project

HSJ_Homeless Bill of Rights campaign2

Delivering the Cease and Desist Scroll to the County Board of Supervisors’ Office in Sacramento, CA.Photo: Paula Lomazzi

HSJ_Homeless Bill of Rights campaign3

Rally outside the Sacramento County building.Photo: Paula Lomazzi

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