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Homelessness brings hardships every day

 The Contributor - USA 21 March 2019

Homeless people face hardship on a daily basis. The simple things in life that most people take for granted are a huge problem for homeless people: the weather, employment, clean clothes, healthy food, etc. Skip Anderson of The Contributor reminds readers of how difficult these issues are when you have nowhere to live and little chance of earning an income. He speaks to several of the US street paper’s vendors about their experiences, including the lack of basic healthcare and police harassment. (1275 Words) - By Skip Anderson


The Contributor_Homelessness brings hardships every day2

Although she said she’s glad to have the security of a home and loved ones to share it with, Margaret Evans traded independence for a roof when she moved in with relatives. Photo: Erika Chambers

The Contributor_Homelessness brings hardships every day1

Ben Forsythe’s recovery from recent abdominal surgery is complicated by his inability to purchase prescription medications and lack of permanent housing.Photo: Linda Bailey

The Contributor_Homelessness brings hardships every day3

Bryan Halberstadt’s commute requires him to pedal for hours. Photo: Skip Anderson

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