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Guatemalan Officers Face Sexual Slavery Charges in Historic Trial

 IPS 03 November 2019

A Guatemalan court has ruled that charges should be brought against two members of the army for sexual and domestic slavery against women during the nation’s civil conflict. Forced work was accompanied by sexual violence and women were systematically raped by soldiers. The sexual and domestic slavery perpetrated against the women of Sepur Zarco formed part of a military plan executed in stages that started with the kidnapping, torture and forced disappearance of their husbands, who were peasant leaders. After that, soldiers brutally gang-raped the women in their homes, in front of their children. Their homes and belongings were burned and their crops destroyed. (812 Words) - By Luz Mendez


IPS_Guatemalan Officers Face Sexual Slavery Charges in Historic Trial

Today the women of Sepur Zarco are demanding justice for these horrendous crimes against them. They broke the silence and told their hard truth in a process of constructing the historic memory of the sexual violence against indigenous women during the armed conflict, published in a book in 2009. Photo: Luz Méndez

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