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Is Housing First the solution to homelessness?

 INSP 03 November 2019

In a recent article published by The Guardian, INSP editor Billy Briggs argued that Housing First was the best way forward for societies around the world to address chronic homelessness. The concept of Housing First prioritises moving homeless people straight from the streets into a home, as opposed to programmes whereby people must address personal issues prior to entering housing. The article mentions some successful street paper projects while highlighting the movement’s role in exposing the criminalisation of homeless people in America. (2175 Words) - By Billy Briggs


INSP_Is Housing First the solution to homelessness 1

A homeless man begs on the street beside Government buildings, in Dublin November 22, 2019.Photo: REUTERS/Cathal McNaughton

INSP_Is Housing First the solution to homelessness 2

Homeless man Michael Long makes a sign on a piece of cardboard before walking out to a traffic intersection to ask for money from passing motorists in Pacific Beach, California January 11, 2019.Photo: REUTERS/Mike Blake

INSP_Is Housing First the solution to homelessness 3

Dawn, a homeless woman from north Wales, sits huddled under a sleeping bag next to her dog Casper in a shopping arcade near the Victoria rail station in central London December 14, 2019.Photo: REUTERS/Chris Helgren

INSP_Is Housing First the solution to homelessness 4

A homeless man sleeps along East River in New York March 7, 2019.Photo: REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

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