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Thirsty for Justice

 Homeward Street Journal - USA 03 November 2019

Some 22 million Californians depend on water from contaminated sources and up to two million people, mostly in low income communities, from San Diego to the Central Valley and the Bay Area, have little-to-no access to safe drinking water. Like the tens of thousands of homeless people in California, they must buy their water in plastic bottles. At the same time, salmon and other keystone species face extinction from water diversion and pollution. The Sacramento Delta, and even the bountiful Salinas Valley, lettuce bowl of the nation, have experienced saltwater intrusion miles inland on an unprecedented scale. How can water, essential to all life, have become a commodity that can be wasted and recklessly devoured for private profit on this scale? Homeward Street Journal reports. (1631 Words) - By Cathleen Williams


Homeward Street Journal_Thirsty for Justice

Up to two million Californians in mostly low income communities throughout the state have little-to-no access to safe drinking water. Photo: Paula Lomazzi

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