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Domestic violence through a lens

 The Contributor - USA 27 October 2019

Photographer Donna Ferrato has spent decades photographing the lives of survivors of domestic violence for magazines such as Time Magazine in the USA. Indeed, during the 1980s Ferrato’s pioneering work helped expose the issue via her groundbreaking book, Living with the Enemy (1991, Aperture) which has been reprinted three times. The artist’s new photographs celebrate female and child survivors of domestic violence and are currently on show in Nashville, Tenneessee, USA. (795 Words) - By Joe Nolan


The Contributor_Domestic violence through a lens 1

Sarah, Taylor and James, 2013, Murfreesboro, TN. Sarah and her sons have rebuilt their life to be free of violence. Even where there is disagreement they don’t shout at each other, they discuss things calmly and respectfully.Photo: Donna Ferrato

The Contributor_Domestic violence through a lens 2

Ruth, Ferrato’s first unbeatable woman, Philadelphia 1983. Cover of Living With the Enemy book (Aperture, 1991). After Ruth’s husband “in a jealous rage” beat her for going to work at the hospital where she was a nurse, Ruth’s mother told her to forgive him, that her two sons needed to be with their father. But Ruth said, “My face looks so bad, my sons don’t recognize me.” She pressed charges and she got a divorce.Photo: Donna Ferrato

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