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Eddie Izzard: “You’re from The Big Issue. Oh, well, that’s good. Not Nazis Weekly, then?”

 The Big Issue UK 08 September 2019

Eddie Izzard is a famous English stand-up comedian and actor, who has wowed audiences around the world with his alternative comedy routines. Izzard is a multi-lingual joker who performs his shows in German and French as well as his native tongue. He is also outspoken about his politics and a dedicated member of the Labour Party in Britain who has said he would like to be mayor of London in the future. He speaks to The Big Issue UK about his latest role in the drama Castles in the Sky, playing Robert Watson-Watt, a British scientist who invented Radar during World War Two, a game-changing invention that enabled early detection of bombing raids. (1663 Words) - By Adrian Lobb


BI UK_Eddie Izzard: “You’re from The Big Issue. Oh, well, that’s good. Not Nazis weekly, then?”

Comedian Eddie Izzard gestures as he speaks after being presented with the 6th Annual Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts February 20, 2019.  Photo: REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi

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