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I am Woman

 The Big Issue South Africa 08 September 2019

To celebrate National Women’s Day, The Big Issue South Africa meets three everyday heroines whose stories challenge the world’s patronising perspective of Africa’s women as meek, mild and voiceless. Sixolile Mbalo, Dolores Godeffroy and Yemi Adamolekun tell their inspiring stories of courage and innovation, set against the backdrop of a country where women are often marginalised and the subject of violence. (2129 Words) - By Kim Chaloner


BI SA_I am Woman

Dolores Godeffroy from Swaziland.Photo: Pippa Hetherington

BI SA_I am Woman2

Sixolile Mbalo from South Africa.Photo: Pippa Hetherington

BI SA_I am Woman3

Yemi Adamolekun from Nigeria.Photo: Pippa Hetherington

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