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Kaleidoscope of flags marks Belfast's sectarian fault lines

 Reuters 08 September 2019

In Northern Ireland, the flags of Israel and Palestine are potent symbols of conflict, but in this part of the United Kingdom they divide Catholics and Protestants rather than Jews and Muslims. In the complex web of alliances that underpins Northern Ireland’s flag-obsessed politics, the Star of David has been adopted by pro-British Loyalists, mainly Protestants, many of whom sympathise with Israel, while the flag of the Palestinian territories is a sign of support for Catholic Irish Republicans and their aspiration for a united Ireland. During a 30 year period known as The Troubles more than 3000 people died in Northern Ireland and although the bombs have ceased, symbols such as flags can provoke violence. (673 Words) - By Conor Humphries


Reuters_Kaleidoscope of flags marks Belfast's sectarian fault lines

The national flag of Scotland (C) flies amongst other flags in a street in East Belfast July 5, 2019.  Photo: REUTERS/Cathal McNaughton

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