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Struggling to find water in the vast Pacific

 IPS 08 September 2019

Pacific Island states are surrounded by the largest ocean in the world, yet many living there struggle to get enough water to meet basic needs. People living in small villages on islands such as Upolu, the main island of Samoa, are dependent on rainfall because they have no money for water tanks or pipes. In the dry season they struggle with sanitation, washing, cooking and drinking and when droughts occur, as they did in 2011 and 2012, they can be left with no water at all. Inadequate water sources and climate change are both major problems, as is poor infrastructure. IPS reports. (1002 Words) - By Catherine Wilson


IPS_Struggling to find water in the vast Pacific

Several Pacific Island states are struggling to provide their far-flung populations with access to fresh water.  Photo: Catherine Wilson/IPS

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