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Latin America’s anti-drug policies feed on the poor

 IPS 15 September 2019

Experts have condemned Latin America’s anti-drug laws which mostly affect poor young men, slum-dwellers and single mothers while letting major criminals off the hook. A recent conference in Costa Rica saw activists, experts and decision-makers come together to demand reforms to ease the pressure on vulnerable groups and shift the focus of law enforcement measures to those who benefit most from the drug trade. Currently, many of those in prison serving long sentences for drug smuggling are poor people who were forced into the illicit trade by poverty. (1154 Words) - By Diego Arguedas Ortiz


IPS_Latin America’s anti-drug policies feed on the poor

Rosa Julia Leyva, to the left, with other participants in the Drugs and Social Inclusion panel at the Fifth Latin American Conference on Drug Policies, held in San José, Costa Rica. She spent 12 years in prison for smuggling a small stash of heroin in a bag that a friend gave her to carry.  Photo: Diego Arguedas Ortiz/IPS

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