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War over but not Gaza’s housing crisis

 IPS 15 September 2019

“Together with our seven children we fled into the hospital grounds and slept our first night under trees to escape the Israeli missiles that were destroying whole areas, killing entire families,” said Islam Abu Sheira, speaking about the Israeli shelling of the Gaza Strip that came to an end recently after 50 days of conflict. The war is over but now thousands are without homes to return to, having fled with only the clothes on their backs. Many are still living in temporary refuges such as schools, which are overcrowded and lack appropriate sanitation. Already with a deficit of 70,000 homes following previous conflicts, Gaza now faces a catastrophic housing crisis in one the most densely populated places in the world. (954 Words) - By Khaled Alashqar


IPS_War over but not Gaza’s housing crisis

Members of Abu Sheira's family in front of the tent they set up in the grounds of Al-Shifa hospital, Gaza.  Photo: Khaled Alashqar/IPS

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