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Gonna start a riot: the return of Sleater-Kinney

 INSP 07 April 2019

Almost a decade after they went on “indefinite hiatus”, Sleater-Kinney is back. “Look out world!” exclaims singer Corin Tucker, as she sits down for a wide ranging chat with INSP, taking in the international economic crisis, the impact of the internet on the music biz and why it’s the right time for the return of riot grrrl. The photocopied DIY fanzines are history, but with the release of caustic new album No Cities To Love, Sleater-Kinney are bigger than ever. (1553 Words) - By Laura Kelly

INSP_Sleater-Kinney 1

Sleater-Kinney.Photo: Brigitte Sire

INSP_Sleater-Kinney 2

Sleater-Kinney.Photo: Brigitte Sire

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