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Manufacturing matters: The unmaking of U.S. manufacturing workers’ high wages

 StreetWise - USA 07 April 2019

From the end of World War II through the late 1970s, manufacturing employment provided many U.S. workers, who possessed only a high-school education, the opportunity to earn middle-class wages. Manufacturing is still a major sector of the U.S. economy, and has seen considerable success and growth in the last few years, but the industry’s workers have not shared in that good fortune. In 2013, mean factory wages were 7.7 percent lower than the median wage for all occupations. In the U.S., 1.5 million manufacturing workers earn less than $11.91 per hour while their German counterpart earn over twice as much. Dr. Victor G. Devinatz writes for StreetWise about the need for change. (811 Words) - By Victor G. Devinatz

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