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U.N. rapporteur calls for action on discrimination of Roma

 IPS 13 April 2019

The United Nations rapporteur for minorities has called for greater action on stamping out anti-Roma and anti-‘Gypsy’ bias. Rita Izsák says the media must avoid perpetuating “sensationalist” coverage of negative stereotypes of people of Gypsy and Roma heritage, and that political and social leaders should work harder in eradicating biases against those groups. A 2014 report from Amnesty International estimated 12 million Roma living in Europe were “living with the daily threat of forced eviction, police harassment and violent attacks.” IPS reports. (421 Words) - By Josh Butler

IPS_Roma 2

A Roma child looks at French police standing guard as Roma families are evicted from their illegal camp near the Var river in Nice, south eastern France.Photo: REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

IPS_Roma 1

Bulgarian Roma women react as an excavator demolishes their house in a Roma suburb in the town of Maglizh, some 260km (161miles) east of Sofia.Photo: REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov

IPS_Roma 3

A Roma woman and her child beg for money in the old town of Warsaw.Photo: REUTERS/Peter Andrews

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