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Talk of death squads to combat new wave of gang violence in El Salvador

 IPS 27 April 2019

The El Salvador government is considering extreme measures to deal with escalating gang violence in one of the world’s most violent countries. In response to recent attacks by gangs against police and soldiers, parliament is debating whether to declare a state of siege in the most violent urban areas, which would involve militarising areas with high murder rates. Police and local residents are also openly discussing the creation of groups or “death squads” to exterminate gangs and some police have openly talked about killing gang members. In March, police recorded El Salvador’s worst murder rate in a decade: 481 homicides, an average of 16 murders a day. (1141 Words) - By Edgardo Ayala

IPS_El Salvador

The funeral of Justo Germán Gil, a member of the police Maintaining Order Unit killed by gang members in the town of San Juan Opico in eastern El Salvador on Jan. 10, 2015. Credit: Vladimir Girón/IPS

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