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‘Ambassadors of freedom’ – Palestine’s resistance babies

 IPS 17 August 2019

Around 30 Palestinian women have conceived babies since 2013 with sperm smuggled out of the Israeli prisons in which their husbands are being held. Bushra Abu Saafi was only the second woman in Gaza to do this – she gave birth to twins one year ago using IVF. Her husband has been in prison for 11 years. She says fertility is being seen as a form of non-violent resistance. IPS speaks to the Palestinian women smuggling new life out of jail. (1189 Words) - By Silvia Boarini

IPS_Palestine’s resistance babies

Karam and Adam, twin Palestinian babies born after their mother underwent IFV treatment using sperm smuggled out of the Israeli prison where their father has been held for the last 11 years.  Credit:Silvia Boarini/IPS

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