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Goats and herbs: Germans get back to basics in deserted Bulgarian village

 Reuters 17 August 2019

The crumbling village of Odrintsi in southeastern Bulgaria has seen its population swell overnight after a group of 22 people from Germany gave up their day jobs to pursue a new life closer to nature in the village which was home to just five people, 230 goats and has no electricity. The group – led by carpenter-turned-shaman Juergen Hummes - is learning Bulgarian and is effusive about the welcome they have received from the locals, who are clearly delighted to have new neighbors. “We just want to live a life that is as close to nature as possible," said one member, a former nurse. (565 Words) - By Matthias Williams and Tsvetelia Tsolova

Reuters_Germans get back to basics

Members of the group of 22 people, newly settled in the village of Odrintsi, Bulgaria, pose for a picture, August 10, 2019.  Credit: REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov

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