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Widowhood in Papua New Guinea brings an uncertain future

 IPS 17 August 2019

Widows in Papa New Guinea face an uncertain future – many who reside in rural areas have limited access to education and employment, and struggle to support and feed their children. Other women without sons are at risk of being driven off their own lands by greedy relative, while in extreme cases, some women are still accused of witchcraft - with horrific consequnses. IPS reports on the plight of Papa New Guinea widows, many of whom recently called through local media for the government to introduce legislation to better support recognition of their rights. (1240 Words) - By Catherine Wilson

IPS_Papa New Guinea widows

Significant numbers of women, such as members of the Mt Hagen Handicraft Group in the Highlands region of Papua New Guinea, have been impacted by HIV/AIDS with consequences including widowhood and hardship. Credit: Catherine Wilson/IPS

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