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Breaking the media blackout in Western Sahara

 IPS 24 August 2019

In Rabat, Morocco, Equipe Media, a news agency ran by a small group of Sahrawi volunteers, is struggling to break the media blackout over Western Sahara enforced by Rabat. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have repeatedly denounced human rights abuses suffered by the Sahrawi people at the hands of Morocco over the last decades. Yet “There are no news agencies based here and foreign journalists are denied access, and even deported if caught inside,” says Equipe Media’s leader. (896 Words) - By Karlos Zurutuza

IPS_Breaking the media blackout in Western Sahara 1

Ahmed Ettanji and a fellow Equipe Media activist edit video taken at a pro-independence demonstration in Laayoune, occupied Western Sahara. Credit: Karlos Zurutuza/IPS

IPS_Breaking the media blackout in Western Sahara 2

Hayat Khatari, the only reporter currently working openly for SADR TV in Laayoune. Credit: Karlos Zurutuza/IPS

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