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MH370 debris exposes divisions over air crash investigations

 Reuters 23 August 2019

For decades, reconstructions of disasters by specialist safety investigators have been seen as crucial to making aviation safer, with accident rates at historically low levels. But in dozens of countries, notably France, they exist in uneasy co-habitation with separate criminal inquiries. Reuters investigates how air crash investigators risk being sidelined in a tussle to unlock the secrets of lost flight MH370, fuelling concerns that their role in making flying safer could be diminished. (987 Words) - By Tim Hepher

Reuters_MH370 debris exposes divisions over air crash investigations

French gendarmes and police inspect a large piece of plane debris which was found on the beach in Saint-Andre, on the French Indian Ocean island of La Reunion, July 29, 2019. France's BEA air crash investigation agency said it was examining the debris, in coordination with Malaysian and Australian authorities, to determine whether it came from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which vanished last year in one of the biggest mysteries in aviation history. Credit: REUTERS/Zinfos974/Prisca Bigot

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