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Life of spice: why Brits, including homeless, favour legal highs

 Big Issue North - UK 07 December 2019

It’s associated with seizures and psychotic episodes and many users hate it. So why is spice – the umbrella term for a variety of synthetic cannabis products that have brand names such as Black Mamba and Clockwork Orange – so popular in the UK? In the US, it has been linked to scores of deaths, particularly among the homeless population, a trend that is being repeated across northern England. Big Issue North speaks to experts and users about the strange world of legal highs. (2510 Words) - By Gary Ryan

Big Issue North_Legal highs

Spice is highly addictive in a way that herbal cannabis is not, with users needing a daily or even hourly fix, and it has been associated with seizures, strokes, kidney and liver damage, and acute psychotic episodes. 

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