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Water and sanitation: Bridging the gender gap on India’s seas

 IPS 14 December 2019

Women make up about 49 per cent of the workforce of the Indian fishing industry, which employs about 14.49 million people, yet their water and sanitation needs are sorely neglected. They are also plagued by financial exploitation, illiteracy, food insecurity, depleting fish hauls, domestic abuse and violence by alcoholic colleagues or partners. Additionally, their livelihoods are at the mercy of Mother Nature –easily impacted by natural disasters like cyclones, storms, and the occasional Tsunami. But the tide could be slowly turning in their favour, learns IPS. (936 Words) - By Malini Shankar

IPS_Bridging the gender gap on Indias seas

Fisherwomen undertake allied fisheries activities like vending, processing, collection and finance. But they lack clean water supply, sanitation and menstrual hygiene. Credit: Malini Shankar/IPS

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