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Lambada women fight infanticide and child trafficking

 IPS 02 February 2019

In India’s southern Telangana state, a local non-profit is mobilizing people against child trafficking, child abuse and infanticide, all frequent occurrences in the community. The school they run in Lambada currently educates 65 children – rescued either from child employers or human traffickers. In a country where 50 percent of the tribal population lives below the poverty line, surviving on less than a dollar a day, preventing Lambada families from killing or selling their children is an uphill battle. Many Lambada women believe the key lies in education, urging families to take advantage of free schooling and government stipends aimed at boosting female enrolment rates in rural areas. (1160 Words) - By Stella Paul


IPS_Not without our daughters

Lambada women, who never went to school, now keep vigil over young girls in the community. When a child stays away from the classroom for too long, they sound the alarm against possible child labour or trafficking.  Credit: Stella Paul/IPS

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