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Fighting extremism with schools, not guns

 IPS 26 January 2019

As a wave of outrage, crossing Pakistan’s national borders, continues a month after the December 16 attack on a school in the northern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, some citizens are turning away from collective expressions of anger, and beginning the hard work of building grassroots alternatives to terrorism and militancy. The Citizens Foundation (TFC), a local non-profit, has pledged to build 141 Schools for Peace, one in the name of each person killed in the attack. Since 1995, the charity, has completed 1,000 school ‘units’ capable of accommodating up to 180 pupils, all built from scratch in the most impoverished areas of some 100 towns and cities across Pakistan. (984 Words) - By Zofeen Ebrahim


IPS_Fighting extremism with schools 1

The Pakistan Taliban has destroyed over 838 schools between 2009 and 2012. Credit: Kulsum Ebrahim/IPS

IPS_Fighting extremism with schools 2

Of the 25.02 million school-aged children who are not receiving a proper education, 13.7 million, or 55 percent, are girls. Credit: Zofeen Ebrahim/IPS

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