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How a street paper is healing a nation

 The Big Issue UK 20 July 2019

"Courage and hope will get us through." While the Greek crisis deepens and continues to rock Europe, street paper Shedia sees a different side. With cash increasingly hard to come by, customers are sticking by their vendors. Two vendors and editor Chris Alefantis explain to The Big Issue what's really happening in Athens, where over 15,000 people are homeless, and how they're staying hopeful for a better future. (1369 Words) - By Steven MacKenzie


Shedia street paper vendors in Athens, Greece.Photo: Shedia

Reuters_Homeless Greece

A homeless man sleeps in a square in Athens.Credit: Reuters/Yannis Behrakis

Asphalt_Chris Shedia

Shedia editor Chris Alefantis.Credit: Photo courtesy of Asphalt

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