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Garment sweatshops in Argentina an open secret

 IPS 08 June 2019

The death of two Bolivian boys in a fire and the mistreatment and sexual abuse of a young Bolivian woman put the problem of slave-like labour conditions in clandestine sweatshops back in the headlines in Argentina. According to the Alameda Foundation, there are some 3,000 sweatshops in and around Buenos Aires alone, with an average of 10 employees each. In 10 years, the Foundation received some 5,000 complaints of slave and child labour, mistreatment and sexual abuse. The state, the textile and fashion industries, and consumers mutually blame each other for the problem, reports IPS. (1291 Words) - By Fabiana Frayssinet

IPS_Argentina sweatshops

A clandestine textile sweatshop in the Flores neighbourhood of the Argentine capital that suffered two fires: one on Apr. 27 that killed two Bolivian boys, aged seven and 10, and the second on May 7, which gutted the building and was apparently intentionally set to eliminate evidence of illegal activities. Credit: Fabiana Frayssinet/IPS

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