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Fishing and farming in Gaza is a deadly business

 IPS 15 June 2019

The Israeli–Palestinian conflict has decimated Gaza’s fishing industry, with thousands of Gazans deprived of a living and unable to support their families as a result. The Israeli navy limits Gaza’s fishermen to a three nautical-mile zone off Gaza’s coast, but even fishermen within that zone have come under fire and been shot, injured and killed or had their boats destroyed or confiscated. Agricultural produce and manufactured goods used to underpin the coastal territory’s economy before Israel and Egypt enforced the Gaza blockade. Analysts and political commentators have repeatedly warned that Israel’s continued siege and restrictions on Gaza could destabilise the region further, leading to more violence and possibly a new war. (919 Words) - By Mel Frykberg

IPS_Fishing Gaza 1

Gazan fishermen Ibrahim Al Quka and his brother Sami Al Quka, who had his hand shot off by the Israeli navy even though he was within Israel's restricted fishing zone. Credit: Mel Frykberg

IPS_Fishing Gaza 2

Destruction in Gaza following last year's war between Hamas and Israel. Credit: Mel Frykberg

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