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Oh! The impossible lightness of being Taylor Swift

 The Contributor - USA 15 June 2019

In the midst of her colossal world tour, global superstar Taylor Swift took some time out to speak to The Contributor’s Holly Gleason. In this exclusive interview, the multiple Grammy Award-winning artist discusses crossing over from country to pop in her smash hit album 1989 and her determination to stay true to herself, and her loyal legion of fans. “I think my songs go out into the world and become something different for each person who listens to them, and that’s one of the most exciting things. Being truthful and open is what got me here, so I’m not about to start writing songs that could be about anything or anyone.” (1828 Words) - By Holly Gleason

The Contributor_Taylor Swift 1

Taylor Swift. Credit: Sarah Barlow & Stephen Schofield

The Contributor_Taylor Swift 2

Street paper fan Taylor swift hold a copy of The Contributor which she purchased from former vendor Kevin Barbieux in Nashville, April 13, 2019.Credit: Kevin Barbieux

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