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As heroin trade grows, a sting in Kenya

 Reuters 09 March 2019

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) had spent years infiltrating "Akasha organization", which the DEA believes is part of a heroin supply chain that stretches from the poppy fields of Afghanistan through east Africa to the cities of Europe and the United States. Their November raid on the gang was part of a wider effort by the DEA and Kenya to counter the growing power of drug cartels operating in east Africa. The operation,came at a crucial time. Law enforcement agencies are worried that a record opium harvest in Afghanistan will flood global heroin markets this year. (1965 Words) - By Drazen Jorgic

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A heroin addict smokes heroin in Lamu November 21, 2019.Photo: REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

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Baktash Akasha, Gulam Hussein, Ibrahim Akasha and Vijaygiri Goswami are briefed by their lawyer Cliff Ombeta at Mombasa Law Courts during a court appearance on drug-related charges in Mombasa February 17, 2019.Photo: REUTERS/Joseph Okanga

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