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By girls, for girls – Nepal’s teenagers say no to child marriage

 IPS 09 March 2019

UNICEF has classified Nepal as one of the world’s top 10 countries with the highest rates of child marriage. But now, thanks to an all-girls-led initiative ran in schools around the country, the tide may be about to turn. The district of Bajura is leading the way on these efforts, with communities across the district competing to declare their respective villages ‘child marriage-free zones’: a bold statement against an age-old practice. “We are not afraid anymore because a majority of our community members now want to fight against child marriages,” says Rashmi Hamal, one of many teenage girls fighting to end the practice with support from UNICEF. (1155 Words) - By Naresh Newar

IPS_Nepal’s teenagers say no to child marriage 2

Rashmi Hamal is a local heroine who helped to save her friend from an early marriage. She campaigns actively against child marriages in the Far Western Region of Nepal.Photo: Naresh Newar/IPS

IPS_Nepal’s teenagers say no to child marriage 1

Shradha Nepali nearly became a bride at the age of 14. She was saved by an intervention from a local all-girls club that fights against child marriages.Photo: Naresh Newar/IPS

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