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Getting inked

 Hinz und Kunzt - Germany 09 March 2019

Hamburg in Germany is home to around 120 tattoo parlours. According to a 2014 study, around nine percent of Germans have been inked. Most are aged between 25 and 34 and women are slightly more likely to get a tattoo than men. Inspired by the increasing popularity of skin art, street paper Hinz&K;ünzt set out to quiz its own staff and vendors about the stories and meanings behind their own tattoos. The article is accompanied by a stunning series of black and white portraits by Mauricio Bustamante. (1414 Words) - By Simone Deckner

H&K_Tattoos 1

Cedric (24) works as an assistant at Hinz&Kunzt.Photo: Mauricio Bustamante

H&K_Tattoos 2

Elvis (38) runs a custom tattoo studio in Hamburg.Photo: Mauricio Bustamante

H&K_Tattoos 3

Dina (28) is an editorial assistant at Hinz&Kunzt.Photo: Mauricio Bustamante

H&K_Tattoos 4

Gerrit (39) sells Hinz&Kunzt at the Forum shopping centre in Winterhude. Siberian husky Nic (17) is always at his side.Photo: Mauricio Bustamante

H&K_Tattoos 5

Vera (52) sells Hinz&Kunzt in various restaurants in Winterhude.Photo: Mauricio Bustamante

H&K_Tattoos 6

Sigi (58) works in sales at Hinz&Kunzt.Photo: Mauricio Bustamante

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