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Milano Centrale: a resting stop for refugees

 Hinz und Kunzt - Germany 09 March 2019

Milan’s central train station, Milano Centrale acts as a hub and temporary safe haven for floods of refugees, mainly from Syria, who seek a better life in Europe. While some remain in Italy, the station connects many to their journey north. Inside the station’s majestic marble halls, hundreds of refugees have sought food, shelter and the help of “haulers” who charge them money to travel to France, German and Sweden, as the police turn a blind eye. Hinz&Kunzt; journalist Jonas Füllner and photographer Mauricio Bustamante visited the station, and spoke with refugees and the volunteers giving them food and support. (1529 Words) - By Jonas Füllner

H&K_Die Zwischenstation 1

Refugees, who arrive in Milan late at night can stay overnight in the station building after midnight.Photo: Mauricio Bustamante

H&K_Die Zwischenstation 2

Susy Ivieno, the Co-ordinator of the aid workers from Siria Milano, shares out panettone to waiting refugees.Photo: Mauricio Bustamante

H&K_Die Zwischenstation 3

Marina Baumgartner helps as part of aid organisation Emergenza Siria Milano.Photo: Mauricio Bustamante

H&K_Die Zwischenstation 4

Syrian Yasser wants to move on to France. A brother of the former restaurant owner already lives there.Photo: Mauricio Bustamante

H&K_Die Zwischenstation 5

A municipal employee delegates sleeping places to the new arrivals so that no one has to sleep on the streets.Photo: Mauricio Bustamante

H&K_Die Zwischenstation 6

The journey came to an end at passport control for the young man seen in the picture. He was taken to the police station.Photo: Mauricio Bustamante

H&K_Die Zwischenstation 7

On arrival in Munich the Germany police are already waiting for the travellers from Milan.Photo: Mauricio Bustamante

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