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Syria in the dark

 IPS 16 March 2019

A new set of satellite images of Syria spell out the true devastation wrought on the nation. Since the start of the conflict in 2011, a staggering 83 percent of lights have gone out across the country. Researchers say this is due to three factors; the displacement of citizens from towns and cities, the destruction of buildings and their lights, and disruption of electricity supply, all of which have hugely damaging and potentially deadly effects. “People are functioning the same way as in the Middle Ages. There were children dying, freezing to death. It is a formula for disaster,” said one medical expert. (1230 Words) - By Josh Butler

IPS_Syria in the dark 2

A student wears a headlight, due to electricity shortage, as he takes his year-end examinations at a school in Aleppo's al-Sha'ar district June 5, 2019. Photo: REUTERS/Muzaffar Salman

IPS_Syria in the dark 1

A satellite view of Syria in February/March 2015. Research by Dr Xi Li, of Wuhan University in China, showed between March 2011 and February 2015, the number of lights visible over Syria has fallen almost 83 percent.Photo: Xi Li/Wuhan University

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