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India bets on mobiles in battle on maternal, child deaths

 Reuters 23 March 2019

India is betting on cheap mobile phones to cut some of the world's highest rates of maternal and child deaths, as it rolls out a campaign of voice messages delivering health advice to pregnant women and mothers in rural areas where health workers rarely visit. Over the last 18 months, almost 100,000 rural families have signed up for the voice message project. Poor sanitary conditions and stark poverty prevail in many villages in India, which recorded 50,000 maternal deaths in 2013. Preventable hazards such as pneumonia, or poor nutrition, cause most deaths of mothers and babies. (398 Words) - By Aditya Kalra


Pregnant women holding their prescription papers wait to be examined at a government-run hospital in the northeastern Indian city of Agartala March 17, 2019.  Credit: REUTERS/Jayanta Dey

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