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Baltimore riots: A barber's half-century of clipping hair in a changing Baltimore

 Reuters 04 May 2019

On April 25, riots and civil unrest erupted in Baltimore, protesting the circumstances surrounding the death of Freddie Gray, who died April 19 after suffering a spinal cord injury while in police custody. Similar events occurred in 1968 after the death of Martin Luther King Jr. Local barber Lenny Clay, who opened his shop in 1961, remembers the ’68 riots and recounts a half-century of clipping hair in a changing Baltimore to Reuters journalist Emily Flitter. "In the '60s, we were fighting for equality. Now we're fighting for survival.” (783 Words) - By Emily Flitter

Reuters_Balitmore Barber

Lenny Clay is seen at his barber shop in Baltimore, Maryland April 29, 2019. In 1961, when Clay opened Lenny’s House of Naturals in this corner storefront, the neighborhood was busy, bright, full of hard-working black families and black-owned businesses. And Clay’s barbershop was at the center of things.  Credit: REUTERS/Eric Thayer

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