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Baltimore riots: Baltimore’s toxic slum housing and its part in the violent death of Freddie Gray

 The Conversation 04 May 2019

The death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man, while in police custody spawned two days of intense riots in Baltimore. Gray’s death tipped Baltimore into turmoil, Nicholas Sharrer says his death is not the cause of the rioting. Rather, the city’s municipal legacy of racial segregation, its impact on slum housing and a general failure to provide healthy, affordable housing for its working-class Black population have cultivated feelings of anger and hopelessness in many of Baltimore’s young people. (1488 Words) - By Nicholas Sharrer - Post-Graduate Researcher at University of Glasgow

The Conversation_Baltimore slums

Disorderly conduct during Baltimore Riots April, 2015.Credit: EPA/Michael Reynolds

The Conversation_Baltimore slums 2

Anger over police treatment of black suspects.Credit: EPA/Andrew Gompert

The Conversation_Baltimore slums 4

Resistance in Baltimore during riots in April 2015. Credit: EPA_Noah Scialom

The Conversation_Baltimore slums 3

Public anger spilled on to the streets for a second night running in Baltimore April 2015.Credit: EPA/John Taggart

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