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Shift to renewables seems inevitable, but is it fast enough?

 IPS 04 May 2019

Climate change may still be one of the most divisive issues but experts say the global transition from fossil fuels to renewables is gaining momentum. Wind power capacity is on the rise, and is now enough to power more than 90 million U.S. homes. In China, electricity generation from wind farms now exceeds that from nuclear plants, while coal use appears to be peaking. Running electric vehicles is set to become more affordable, but making renewable energy more accessible needs to happen faster, say experts and campaigners. "If they truly want to keep their own jobs, our elected leaders will soon see ties with coal, oil and gas as a serious political liability,” says Kyle Ash of Greenpeace USA. (980 Words) - By Kitty Stapp

IPS_Renewable energy

Canada’s Erie Shores Wind Farm includes 66 turbines with a total capacity of 99 MW.  Credit: Denise Morazé/IPS

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