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Two migrant sisters from Syria, now worlds apart

 Reuters 04 May 2019

In a small town south of Beirut, Fawziyeh shares a three-bedroom flat with 12 others including her five children – all, like her, refugees from Syria. Almost every day she gets cellphone messages from her younger sister Rabab, in Germany. After being resettled UNHCR, Rabab, a widow, lives with her children in a comfortable house and receive free education and health insurance. They both fled their homeland three years ago, and their divergent lives capture the fates dealt to millions of Syrians forced from their country by its four-year civil war. Reuters reports. (1160 Words) - By Oliver Holmes

Reuters_Syria sisters

Fawziyeh, a 52-year-old Syrian woman, attends an interview with Reuters at her house in a small town south of Beirut, Lebanon April 15, 2019.  Credit: REUTERS/Aziz Taher

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