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Connected and angry, African youth groups push for democracy

 Reuters 11 May 2019

Four years after launching a campaign to get young Senegalese to vote, journalist Fadel Barro found himself in a dark prison cell over 4,000 km from home in Democratic Republic of Congo, accused of fomenting insurrection. His journey and brief incarceration show how youth movements have linked up across francophone Africa to push for change in a region still dominated by "Big Men" leaders. But they face tough challenges and resistance in African nations with deeply entrenched governments that have hardened military support. Reuters reports. (1056 Words) - By David Lewis and Aaron Ross

Reuters_African youth groups push for democracy

Members of Senegalese anti-government youth movement Y'En A Marre, or "We're Fed Up," chant slogans in Senegal's capital Dakar, February 16, 2019.  Credit: REUTERS/Joe Penney

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