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Families in quake-hit Nepal desperate to get on with their lives

 IPS 11 May 2019

Just weeks after the 7.8 magnitude Nepal earthquake on April 25 that has killed over 8,000 people and devastated the country, displaced families are gradually – but cautiously – resuming their normal lives. But delivery of humanitarian aid and basic relief supplies remains slow, hindered by the scale of the tragedy. With the annual summer monsoon just around the corner – and heavy rains already lashing some parts of the country – experts say the clock is ticking for effective relief efforts. IPS speaks to victims and support workers in Nepal: “We have stopped crying out of fear because we need to move on now and be brave,” says 13-year-old Sunita. (1091 Words) - By Naresh Newar

IPS_Nepal 2

Sixty-five-year-old Rita Rai is still unable to get relief support in the remote village of Mahadevsthan in Kavre district, 100 km south of Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu. Credit: Naresh Newar/IPS

IPS_Nepal 1

The district of Kavre in Nepal was one of the worst casualties of the Apr. 25 earthquake that devastated great swathes of this South Asia nation. Credit: Naresh Newar/IPS

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