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REFUGEES IN EASTERN EUROPE: Serbian street paper meets refugees passing through Belgrade

 Liceulice - Serbia 23 November 2019

Since April, tens of thousands of refugees have passed through the central park in Belgrade on their way to find a better life in countries across Europe. Zarka Radoja often visited the park to help refugee families find, food, clothing and medical aid at Miksaliste, Refugee Aid Serbia's main distribution center in Belgrade . She writes about the people she met and their unbelievable stories for Serbian street paper Liceulice. “The one thing that is always welcomed is small acts of humanity, human connections,” one Syrian father told her. (1849 Words) - By Zarka Radoja

Liceulice_Offering compassion to refugees in Serbia 1

Refugee family at an aid center set up in Belgrade, Serbia. Credit: Andjela Petrovski

Liceulice_Offering compassion to refugees in Serbia 2

A young refugee boy stands in a tent at an aid center set up to provide refugees arriving in Belgrade, Serbia with food, medical attention and war clothing, Credit: Andjela Petrovski

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